2011 Pennsylvania State

Honey Festival & Green Expo

What a fantastic day! The inaugural event was well attended and a huge success. The attendance was steady and the parking lot overflowed.

Thank you to Ashcombe farms for hosting this event in their beautiful gardens. The assistance, marketing, and support was first rate.

Thank you to our sponsors: Pinchot Family Medicine and Total-e Solar Electric. Their support is greatly appreciated.


Special Thanks to Lee & Kathy Ammerman and "Animal Ambassadors Ministry" for the wonderful pets loved by the children at the festival.


Local Vilolinist Betsy Barnicle played throughout the day with soothing and relaxing music, adding to the atmosphere for all to enjoy. 


And to those PennApic members that assisted with the festival throughout the day:

Doug Shearer

Luke Cline

Tristan Saunders

Shawn Moyer

Alice Hertzler

Mike Thomas

Kathy & Lee Ammerman

Joyce Wilder

Laura Schwartzer


Tristan Saunders and Doug Shearer pouring honey into jars as orders came in. Fresh extracted honey was a main selling point of the day. In support of the "green" aspect of the event, many folks brought their own bottles to be filled.
PennApic secretary Joyce Wilder (l) and duaghter Laura Schwartzer, provided activities and face painting all day long.
Naturalist Beth Keply from Gifford Pinchot State Park participated in the days activities with an educational program.
PennApic board member and one of the sponsors of the days event, Shawn Moyer of Pinchot Family Medicine.
One of the busiest booths all day was the Bluebird Society of Pennsylvania. The bird house construction table was constantly filled with attendees making new bird houses.
Another bluebird house being put together by excited youth.
One of the many eco-friendly "green" vendors.
PennApic member Doug Shearer and granddaughter Kylee stayed till the very end and helped with cleanup.
On-site bottling of honey with jars people brought to the festival was big hit!
The wonderful gardens at Ashcombe Farms provided the perfect backdrop for a relaxing and enjoyable day.
Joyce Wilder assisting with one of the many chidrens activities available.
Many of the vendors setup along the paths of the wonderful gardens at Ashcombe Farms.
PennApic member Alice Hertzler's childrens program was a huge hit all day long with the youth attending the festival.
Kathy Ammerman and one of her many animals she brought to the festival. One of the many highlights and funny happenings of the day was when this rooster escaped and led 20 folks through the various gardens.
"Hmmmm..I wish my pillow was this soft!"
"Anyone up for rodeo poker?"
Thank you to our sponsor; Pinchot Family Medicine
PennApic member Joe Hall taking in some of the great food.
Thank you to Total-e for being a sponsor of the honey festival.
The observation beehive is always a huge success.
Local artisans, handmade craft and jewelry, all welcomed attendees to the festival.
Fresh raw local honey, lip balm, beeswax hand-dipped candles, wax bars, honey and beeswax soaps, comb honey, beeswax figurines, all were on hand for the public to purchase.
Among the many beekeepers in attendance, this was the only bull found.