October 1, 2011

An "Evening Among Friends" event at Lilo Bucher's.

A huge thank you to Lilo for being such a gracious host and

opening her home and apiary to members of PennApic.

Her hospitality made the evening a special event for all attendees.


I apologize for missing a photo of a good number of folks who attended this function.

(Kenny, Josh, Jake, and others)

We thank you for attending and adding to the atmosphere we all enjoyed.

Lilo explains her experiences with wintering hives inside a bee house.
Two active hives showing how they sit on the hive stands.
Lilo's helper and guard dog - Mello.
The bee house has positions for up to seven full size hives.
Lilo's fantastic home overlooks the historic town of Boiling Springs and the lake the town is named after.
Ida Thomas and Kara Smith taking in the evening.
Lilo's son Joe, who handles the heavy tasks in the beeyard.
Custom made bottoms fitting each location and entrance to the bee house.
Each hive entrance is color coded. This helps with drfiting and lowers queen loss if the hive requeens.
Alice Hertzler and husband Mike take in the information.
Resident swans patrol the lake of Boiling Springs.
Steven Smith and Daniel Heacock discuss the dangers of mosquito spraying by state officials.