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National Honey Bee Day


These pages are designed for use as instructional pages to help in a bee talk. Please use them to your benefit. Pages from the NHBD website include:


"Getting Started in Bees" Click Here


"How the Public Can Help the Bees" Click here


"What Honey Bees Do" Click Here


"Honey Bee Facts & Trivia" Click here



Honey Bee Education

Nutritional Requirements of Honey Bees

Click Here


Beekeeping Basics Video

Part #1 - Click Here

Part #2 - Click Here


An Alternative Method of

uncapping honey: Click here



Simply Cool Stuff!

From National Geographic - Giant hornets do battle with honey bees. Click here

Funny Bee Videos

This classic from 1981 with

John Cleese & Rowan Atkinson

Environmental News

1) GMO - Neonicotinoid News - Click here

News Right Now!

Parasitic Flies Killing Honey Bees.

Is this CCD?

 Click Here



Highlighted News Articles

Beekeepers antibiotics found to be harmful to honey bees. Will the beekeeper be blamed for the problem? Or will we realize it is another example of pesticides and chemicals causing the real problem? Click on the pdf file below.


Honey Bee

Articles of Interest


Think honey bees do not feed on about anything possible? Click here to read about the "Red Bees of Redhook".


800 colonies in Florida killed by mosquito spray?

Click here for the story.

Most Honey on super market shelves is not really honey. Click here for details. Of course, organic may not be organic, pure may not be pure, etc. Know your producer. Know your local farmer. Know what you eat!

Environmental/Agriculture Links 


Pennsylvania Association for

Sustainable Agriculture


Backyard Fruit Growers Association



Meadow Restoration & Wildflower Plantings

Meadows and More



Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center

Click Here



Pennsylvania Native Plant Society

Click Here



Landscaping with Native Plants

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