"You may have a vast scholarship, fame, or fortune. But, the bee can give you a lesson on how to be free from torment"


                                         Sri Sathya Sai Baba - Indian Spiritual Leader

Beginning Beekeeping - Starting the First Year.

The Pennsylvania Backyard Beekeepers Association is focused on increasing the number of beekeepers through our mentors program, spring workshop, and bringing beekeepers of all experiences together at our socials.

We also have outreach programs like the open apiaries program and the learning centers program. Both are designed on increasing beekeepers in the community.

While other groups are focused on national honey programs, research, and other larger scale programs, the PBBA is focused on promotion of the beekeeping community, and support of local agriculture. We hope that all beginners and backyard beekeepers enjoy what the PBBA offers. And we ask that you consider this association yours, with your input and knowledge, an intergral part of the association moving forward.

The Pennsylvania Backyard Beekeepers Association will be conducting a FREE workshop series open to the public in March. The morning session is dedicated to covering the basics of getting started in bees. If you are thinking of getting into bees this coming year, this event is the place to be. Meet beekeepers, see displays, speak to vendors, and get started on the right foot.  Please see the events page for details.

If you have never had the pleasure

of opening up a hive, all you need

to do is ask. We WILL find a

beekeeper that will allow you to

visit a beeyard and see if this is

right for you.   

The following is just a few of the basics to get into beekeeping this coming year. There

are thousands of gadgets and pieces of beekeeping equipment to consider. But we

offer the minimum in streamlining what you need to get started.

***Things you need to have:

                                              Jacket and veil

                                              Hive tool



***You need to decide on a hive and what actual bee equipment you want to use.

Most beekeepers use standard Langstroth equipment. But other interesting hives

such as Top Bar Hives (TBH's), Warre hives, 8 frame equipment, and a host of other equipment is now available.


***You will need to buy bees. Packages are readily available. Local bees from

nuc suppliers are also an option. As you get into bees, bee strains such as Italians,

Russians, and Carnolian bees are options.


***Learn as much as you can about bees. Read a couple bee books. And meet

a beekeeper or two.



***We invite all who are going to start beekeeping, to join the Pennsylvania Backyard

Beekeepers Association. The PBBA has a voluntary mentors program, socials

throughout the year, and a workshop series dedicated to helping new beekeepers.

As a PBBA member, you will also be supported by the many membership benefits 

that our association provides.


Keep in mind: *95% of all beekeepers are what we call "backyard beekeepers", with

less than 20 hives.

*You do not need to be a farmer or own 10 acres to keep bees. Any place where you

have a few feet of ground, you can place a hive. There are beeekeepers in almost

every town and city across the country.

*There are child beekeepers, to 95 year olds keeping bees. If they can, so can you.

*The rewards of beekeeping include benefits to the environment, honey and other hive products, to the pure enjoyment of sitting back and relaxing while watching your bees.

*Honey bees have been kept for thousands of years. Properly managed, they are not agressive.



There are thousands of topics, questions, and many more answers in beekeeping.

The old phrase "Ask 10 beekeepers a question, and you will get 11 answers", is very

true. We will not write a book attempting to answer all the questions on this page.

What we do want to express, is our commitment to you, the beginner beekeeper, that

we will do our best to support, answer questions, and guide you into one of the most

rewarding and enjoyable things you can ever do.....beekeeping! 


Please do not hesitate to contact us. That is why we are here. If you have questions

or would like to attend our spring workshop series, please click here.