Beneficial Pollinators

This page has information and links for monarch butterflies,  mason bees, bumblebees,  

bats, and any other pollinators. PennApic membership includes many who keep, enjoy, release, and love helping beneficial pollinators. As go the honey bees, also goes other

beneficial pollinators. The same decline seen with honey bees can be seen with other

beneficial pollinators. Impacts to the environment due to farming practices, pesticide

use, and homeowner chemicals, are wide and severe.

Monarch Butterfly

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A Horned faced bee ( Osmia Cornifrons) after emerging from it's cocoon inside the nesting tube.

Mason bees are safe, discreet, enjoyable,

and beneficial to the environment. They

are considered "super pollinatorts" specializing on spring fruit tree flowers.

There are two main types kept by

beekeepers: The Blue Orchard Mason

bee (Omia Lignaria), and the Horned

face bee (Osmi Cornifrons). 


For those unable to keep traditional

honey bees, mason bees provide a

viable option for the backyard gardener

and property owner.


Mason Bee

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