Officers and Committee Chairpersons

If you are requesting help with a bee problem or seeking assistance with a beekeeping situation, we ask that you please first try contacting your county coordinator. They have a list of local beekeepers who may be of assistance to you. All PBBA members are volunteers and help in many ways as time and schedules allow.     

Pennsylvania Backyard Beekeepers'

Association Officers.

**President - Luke Cline

**Vice Pres.- Tristan Saunders

**2nd V.P. - Doug Shearer   

**Treasurer - Kenny Point

**Secretary - Mike Thomas

Committee Chairpersons:


Webmasters for PBBA: Mike Thomas


Media/News Release: Jenny Freet



Marketing Director:



Association Photographer: 


Mentors Program Coordinator:



Events Coordinator:



Youth Program Coordinator:


National Honey Bee Day: Mike Thomas (National Director)



Governor's Mansion Support Team:

1) Tristan Saunders

2) Luke Cline

3) Mike Thomas

Lt. Governors Support Team:

1) Bill Fisher

2) Luke Cline

3) Tristan Saunders


PBBA National Honey Bee Day Committee:

1) Mike Thomas






Summer Picnic Committee:







Spring Workshop Committee:

1) Co-Chair - Dawn Toutkaljian 

2) Co-Chair - Joyce Wilder

3) Joe Hall 

4) Doug Shearer





(PEAC) PennApic Environmental Action Committee:

1) Dave Hill - Chairman






Association Extractor Coordinator: Luke Cline


PennApic Member Observation Hive Program - See County Coordinators for location of observation hives to borrow for presentations.


Supporting Associations: These are non-bee associations that our members attend. We support their efforts and strive to build relationships with other environmental, agriculture, and horticutural associations. The PBBA representative acts as a laison for the association. If you are interested in learning about these associations, please ask.  


Pennsylvania Bluebird Society - PBBA Rep. - Mike Thomas 


Backyard Fruit Growers - PBBA Rep. 

PASA Rep: Kenny Point



PennApic board member - Shawn Moyer.

                 PennApic Board


1) Mike Thomas (York Co.)

2) Bill Fisher (Dauphin Co.)

3) Shawn Moyer  (York Co.)

4) Greg Peck (Dauphin County

5) Duke Penneycoff  (Lycoming Co.)

*6) PBBA Pres. (Luke Cline)

*7) PBBA V.P.   (Tristan Saunders)

*8) PBBA 2nd V.P. (Doug Shearer)

*9) PBBA Treas. (Kenny Point)

*10) PBBA Sec.  (Mike Thomas) 


* These positions are by election of the Pa. Backyard beekeepers' Association.

All postal mail correspondence to PennApic, the PBBA (Pennsylvania Backyard Beekeepers Association), or the NHBD (National Honey Bee Day) program, should be addressed to:


P.O. Box 141

Lewisberry, Pa. 17339