"The bee is more honored than other animals, not because she labors, but because she labors for others"


Saint John Chrysostom - Archbishop of Constantinople AD 347-407

Why Donate to PennApic?

Please read this page for the programs and efforts that PennApic provides to the bee industry and communities we operate within. When you are finished, please consider a program to support. Your gift of support is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

*You can access the donors form on the main page of this website.

Have you ever made a donation to what seemed a worthy cause, but then wondered where your contribution ended up? Were you really donating to an actual registered "Nonprofit" association? And not to some business who markets themselves as a "not for profit" company as seen very often in today's business world? 


With PennApic, you have no need to wonder. We list our active programs, you can see the schedule of events and programs offered, and you are invited to become an active member. We are a "nuts and bolts" organization based on good deeds and hard work. We are working to help the community and environment, one step at a time. That is the key to our success, and it is easy to understand. We are a registered 501(C)5 agriculture/horticulture association.

Observation hives at state parks and learning centers in environmental centers: One of the keys to public education and bee industry support.

Pennsylvania Apiculture was formed with very specific goals. The mission statement is clear and precise. It includes the promotion of the bee industry, education of the public, and raising public awareness of environmental concerns.

To make this effort successful, we need people on the ground, beekeepers in the trenches, and many participants all contributing in this mission. And all the "talk and promotion" in the world is not going to get it done. Working from the ground up, and actually providing community programs and involvement is the key. That is where the membership of the Pennsylvania Backyard Beekeeper Association, and YOU, come into play. We don't need a board of trustees to collect money and dole it out on scholarships and research grants. We need public contact and individualize efforts making impacts in the communities we reside. And we need your support to operate.

What we do with our funds:

We are hard at work on the following programs:

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1) Learning Centers Program. We have a goal to have as many observation hives and learning centers as possible installed at state parks, environmental centers, nature preserves, and places of learning. While we promote increased participation in beekeeping, these learning centers are also part of broader programs supporting pollinator gardens, native pollinators, and environmental awareness projects. Educating the public on the benefits of honey bees impacts much more than bees. Butterflies, bats, frogs, and a host of other insects and animals are being effected by the same impacts of chemicals, pesticides, and other detrimental practices. 

2) Open Apiaries Program. Through the gracious efforts of our members, we want the public to have as much opportunity as possible to visit apiaries in their own communities. This encourages new beekeepers, while allowing beekeepers to education the public. Most have never had the pleasure of seeing first-hand the inside of an actual beehive. And they are truly missing one of the greatest natural wonders in nature.

3) Youth in Beekeeping Program. Getting the next generation of young beekeepers involved is a vital part for the bee industry. One of our "Youth in Beekeeping" beehive recipients may go on to become a commercial beekeeper or the researcher involved in finding a cure for one of the many problems affecting honey bees. Getting young beekeepers involved is very rewarding and benefits the industry in many ways.

4) National Honey Bee Day. The members of PennApic provide the logistical support required to plan and coordinate this national program. Many participating associations, schools, and other programs seek support for their programs and events. We hope to provide future pamphlets and educational material as needed.

5) County Coordinators Program. This allows the public to make contact with local members for a host of reasons. They may include requests for speakers for educational venues, information on bee situations in the community, or mentor situations for potential new beekeepers.


6) Free Spring Workshop, open to the public. We encourage as many individuals as possible to attend our free workshops, and consider beekeeping as a enjoyable and worthy venture. Expansion of the bee industry and to help as many new beekeepers get started as possible, is one of our mission goals.   


PennApic provides the basis for the Pennsylvania Backyard Beekeepers Association (PBBA). Through the membership of the PBBA, and the vast social programs offered to the membership, PennApic has the support and manpower to accomplish it's mission.

Whether you are a beekeeper, backyard gardener, nature lover, or just love environmental programs and the benefits they provide, please consider donating to PennApic. Your funds will go directly to the program of your choice. PennApic has NO paid staff and 100% of your donations go towards fulfilling the mission statement. Thank you.