We do not need people to jump on a bandwagon being pushed down the street by a few concerned folks. And we don't need pessimists and people throwing rocks from the sidelines. We need the masses to pick the wagon up, join in the lifting with a concerted effort, and run the wagon down the street as fast as possible. Anything else is less than what we should be doing!

PennApic Environmental Action Committee (PEAC)


Promoting sound, sensible, and practical result driven objectives.....providing positive relations, education, and change......for the betterment of the bee industry and the overall environment.



The following items are not exclusive to the PennApic Environmental Action Committee and are broader programs supported by the general membership and beekeepers across the country. But many are enhanced by PEAC's objectives and are tools to obtain results and further the progress of improving the bee industry.


* Learning Centers Program


* National Honey Bee Day


* Pennsylvania State Honey Festival & Green Expo


* Governor's Mansion Apiary


* Nationwide Petition Drive


* Pollinator Seed and reforestation program


* Bee Sanctuary Land Program


* Chemical Free Farm Co-Op program


* Small Scale Beekeeper Research Support program


* Public Educational Material program  


The goal of the PennApic Environmental Action Committee is based on a proactive approach and participation. Through highly visible programs, tailored at public education, and expansion of the bee industry, we can impact change by one step at a time.




PEAC Chairman - Dave Hill

Environmental Issues

and Bees


GMO & Noenicotinoids - CLICK HERE 

Key Areas of Concern

* Farming practices impacting honey bee and native 

   pollinator health.

* Homeowner applied chemicals and the "manicured

   lawn" mentality of property owners.

* Lack of "bricks & mortar" support of the bee


* Decrease in native floribunda and the bee forage environment.

* Lack of coordinated efforts from the bee industry

   and the public to effectively make changes moving


* Restrictive zoning and anti-beekeeping regulations.

PEAC's Goals 

* Provide leadership in the bee industry while addressing the areas of concern impacting the bee industry.

* Increase public awareness and education

* Provide practical solutions with achievable goals.

* Provide the foundation for beekeepers and the public to help, support, and be involved in improving the bee industry and the environment. 

Environmental Education

Our phylosophy is simple. Stand on the corner and take extreme positions, and you reach few people. Take a strong position of reasoning that the average person can understand, and you may get a larger crowd taking small steps to improve on such items as homeowner pesticides and improving the environment for pollinators. On the following page are examples of real life situations that beekeepers encounter. We offer REAL solutions with explanations of why the problem exist, and steps to improve the environment. 


Need help talking to farmers, gardners, and homeowners about issues surrounding honey bees? Click on the link below. Or direct them to visit this page.

Commonsense Approaches