PennApic Bee Hives at the Governors Mansion in

Harrisburg, Pa.

PennApic now maintains a full apiary

at the Lt. Governors residence at

Ft. Indiantown Gap.


Happenings at the

Governor's mansion

On September 8, 2011 the beehives at the Governors Mansion had to be moved to higher ground due to approaching flood waters. This flood is expected to be the third worst in recorded history.

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Governor's Gardens now Pollinator Friendly!

Thanks to the placement of beehives, courtesy of PennApic, the gardens at the Governor's Mansion are now certified "Pollinator Friendly" Click here to read the story

With the initial meeting of just a few beekeepers to discuss the goals for Pennsylvania Apiculture Inc., and what we could accomplish, having bees at the Governors Mansion in Harrisburg, Pa., was high on the list. The opportunity for public education, fostering support of the bee industry, and a highly visible bee yard, made this worth the effort. From the direction from folks at the Department of Agriculture, to PennApic members who worked very hard in making this happen...we say THANK YOU! Our appreciation is extended to the entire staff at the governors mansion. And of course this would not of happened if not for the willingness of Governor Corbett and the first lady. (Susan).


We are very proud of PennApic becoming the beekeepers for the Governors Mansion. And we know that the executive chef is already looking for recipes and dishes to include the local honey the hives will produce.


The hives at the governor's mansion are part of the "Pollinator Friendly" certificate achieved for the overall gardens. Click here for more details.

First Lady Susan Corbett(l) with her sister at the Governors garden social, working the beehives and offering a taste of honey to attendees.

Below is the initial installation of the bee hives at the Governors .

residence in Harrisburg, and photos from the first year.

Advanced site selection team members include PennApic members Amelia & David Thomas
Landscaper (and PennApic member) Tristan Saunders preparing the site for the base.

Tristan and Dennis discuss the project with assistant resident manager Tammy. 

A light puff of smoke. The bees were so calm after being moved, we ended up not even wearing veils.

The preferred site selection of course.

Pennsylvania - Land of milk and honey!

Of course no happening is complete with member Luke Cline getting involved and helping out.

PennApic installation crew (l-r) Mike Thomas, Dennis Rydberg (from the governors mansion staff), Tristan Saunders, and Luke Cline 

The hives located in the rose garden.

The hives were coated with linseed oil giving a natural appearance. The copper tops added a classic touch.