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Honey Terms:

Extracted or Liquid Honey:

This is the liquid honey most people are familiar with as seen in bears and jars. The honey has been extracted from the comb.

Creamed Honey:

Crystallized honey that comes as a spread. Popular in Europe and other parts of the world.

Comb Honey:

Honey left in the comb and usually produced in cartridges of "rounds". Note: All honey sold in comb is more expensive to produce and priced accordingly.


Cut Comb Honey:

Honey in comb cut from larger sections of comb. Usually in small boxes.

Chuck Honey:

Comb pieces placed in a jar and then additional honey is poured in filling the jar. The picture on this page is chunk honey. 

Local Honey from Local Beekeepers


The honey locator on his page is provided as a service to the public for those seeking raw, beneficial, and healthy honey from local sources. (High heated and ultra filtered honey found on some supermarket shelves, many times has the pollen removed or the enzymes and beneficial properties destroyed) Local source honey from smaller beekeeping operations like hobbyists, may be more healthy with the desired properties to help with such items as allergies, and other relief. And your support of the local farming and beekeeing industry is also a benefit to everyone involved.

Please Keep in Mind:


Just like strawberries and asparagus, there is a "seasonal" timing of the honey harvest. You don't get fresh local strawberries in December, and you may find it difficult to get local honey at this same time of the year. Not all beekeepers on this list may have honey available year round. But placing an order might be good advice so you can get fresh honey for the coming season.

Chunk honey - Sealed comb and filled with liquid honey.

Honey Facts & Tidbits:


Honey does not go bad due to crystalization. When T.M. Davies, the American archaeologist opened the tomb of Queen Tyi's parents in Egypt, he found a jar of honey, although sealed and place there 3,300 years prior, still with its full aroma and was good to eat as the day it was placed there.

To be listed on this honey locator, the beekeeper must be a producer of local honey, and be a member of PennApic. We do not list commercial sites and honey not local in nature. Please let us know of any problems or concerns.  


Please keep in mind that we have members all across the country as far away as California. While we do promote local honey, many do find they enjoy honey varietals from various locations across the country.


We only list email contact information (and phone number if supplier approves).


Special Note

The beekeepers listed on this page are hobbyist micro-producers of quality local artisan honey. Due to economy of scale, and the efforts of producing honey in today's difficult times within the bee industry, please do not expect to pay supermarket prices. Supermarket prices are based many times on imported foreign honey or from mega-producers. Local varieties, produced on a small scale, with the benefits of raw natural honey, is many times more in the purchase price.

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