PennApic Legal Defense Fund

Areas of concern:

1) The implication of local fees and permits beyond the fees and registration already required by the State Agiculture Department.

2) Restrictive local and township ordinances designed to stop or limit beekeeping.

3) The publics fear and/or ignorance of beekeeping and the benefits to the environment. 

Issues Happening Right Now!

Plymouth Township in Montgomery County, Pa., has introduced ordinances which would, among other things:


1) Ban beekeeping for any homeowner with less than 3/4 of an acre. (This would automatically ban 92% of all township homeowners from keeping honey bees.)


2) Would require a secondary fence (even if a property line fence is already in place) around any such permitted hives, although a 75 foot setback from the property line will be required. (This will increase the startup costs of this simple hobby for new beekeepers, beyond what some can afford.)

PennApic in Action:

After discussing the Plymouth Township situation at the summer board meeting, PennApic members were asked to donate to help stop restrictive ordinances. With matching funds from the PennApic general fund, 700 dollars was raised to initiate the PennApic Legal Defense Fund. We thank each member contributing towards this effort. We also thank the Schaffer family for presenting the details to the PennApic board in regard to the situation in Plymouth Township. 

How You Can Help

1) Donate to the PennApic Defense Fund.


2) Stay Informed


3) Lend assistance by being active and participate in writing campaigns and activities where your involvement can be seen.

There is no doubt that money makes the world go around. Associations need funding sources, and issues impacting the beekeeeping community need your support to help stop or limit ordinances and actions detrimental to the beekeeeping industry. Whether it be a letter writing campaign, hosting a get together to educate key board members voting on such matters, or about anything else, we need you. We need you to get involved. And we need your financial support to make things happen. Please do not think this can not happen to you. Beekeepers need to support the next beekeeper over, because next time, you may be the one needing help.

Donate to the PennApic

Legal Defense Fund


Help PennApic Help Beekeepers!


Make checks payable to "PennApic"

Mail to: PennApic

             Box 141

             Lewisberry, Pa. 17339


Please write "Legal Fund" on your check.


Thank you for your support