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Pictures and details of the unique happenings of everyday beekeepers.

The following information is unique situations, special and amazing stories, and items you don't find every day. These can be great educational opportunities for the association. We thank those willing to send in these situations.

PennApic member Dave Craley, had this situation in his bee yard on October 2, 2011.  This cluster had been sitting on the front of the hive for several days. The weather has been rainy and cold. Some of the bees had started falling off the cluster, and probably started starving to death. There is probably a queen inside this cluster. A castoff of possibly a two queen hive.


Dave installed a shim on top of the second box, allowing the bees an upper entrance. The bees used this entrance to access the hive and over several hours, all went back in the hive. Hopefully, the bees will determine which queen will take over the hive.


Combining the bees back inside the hives was probably best. It is too late in the season to start a new colony. Thank you Dave for sharing this experience and allowing others to see this event.

Bill Fisher has caught several swarms inside Hershey Park. Through the trees, you can see the giant hershey park ferris wheel.
The hive as it sat with the cluster for several days.
The hive after installing a shim with notch entrance. The bees dispersed and went back in the hive over a period of a couple hours. Note the 3/4 inch shim and entrance. A very handy piece of equipment.
2012 (Picture Above) After Hurricane Sandy's destruction across Pennsylvania and the eastern seaboard, Cathy Shiner found this feral colony of honey bees in a large white pine tree on her property. A branch had been broken exposing the bees to the elements. PennApic member Jim Mattern answered the call for help and the bees were removed.