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Membership Benefits and Activities:


PennApic is proud to present the following as some of the benefits that members enjoy. Details of the individual events and programs can be found on other pages of this website. 


Your PBBA membership welcomes you to the following:


PennApic News & Notes - We send out weekly emails with timely advice for beekeepers detailing events, industry news, and a host of other information. It is included with your membership to the PBBA. For those with no email service, our newsletter editor mails sends out a news bulletin every 60 days, mailed in early January, March, May, July, September, and November. We have decided to not publish a full newsletter. Articles, news submissions, and other material will be posted on the "editor page". All the benefits of a newsletter is afforded to PennApic members by email, the active website we maintain, and such other such media connections such as Facebook.


Member Note: The date of the last PennApic News & Notes email is posted on the front page of the website. If you did not get the latest email, please contact us as soon as possible.   

Mentors Program - The Pennsylvania backyard beekeepers association is dedicated to providing new members interested in starting beekeeping a mentor to assist in starting beekeeping. Many of our members are knowledgeable in natural and sustainable methods, including many non-traditional hive arrangements.

Youth New Hive Program - Each year at the spring workshop, the backyard beekeepers association awards a brand new hive to a chosen youth (under 18) beginner beekeeper. Please see the "Youth in Beekeeping" page of this website for details.


Speakers list and information - The backyard beekeepers provide speakers for educational purposes to schools, environmental groups, and supporting eco-friendly associations.


Observation Hive Program - Strategically placed observation hives throughout the state allow members access of tools needed to benefit education and instructional opportunities. We encourage our members to gives talks and seminars at schools, civic meetings, and other venues. PennApic maintains observation hives, posters, and other educational material to be loaned to our members.  

Meetings and Workshops - The PBBA is committed to providing

quality social events.  Your membership assists by allowing these

activities to be planned and funded.   Please see the Events Page

for full list of activities planned at this time.


Subscription Discounts PBBA members are eligible for 25% discounts off regular rates of U.S. leading magazines, Bee Culture and American Bee Journal.


Annual Summer Picnic: We are proud to provide the best attended bee association picnic within Pennsylvania. This summer event is held at a working bee yard and tailored at fun and education for the entire family. The 2010 picnic kicking off the new association had 153 attendees. And we look forward to expanding this function. The picnic is held the last week of the July. See the events page for further details.


Association Honey Extractor Program: PBBA has an association extractor for members to use for a minimal cost. This allows backyard beekeepers to harvest honey from a few hives without the expense of purchasing the equipment themselves.


National Honey Bee Day: PennApic and the Pennsylvania Backyard Beekeepers Association not only facilitates the National Honey Bee Day program, but we are also active in participation. We are committed to increasing the number of beekeepers both locally and nationally. And NHBD is a key component of that goal.





Membership Support Programs




***Observation Hive Program: Through our "Learning Centers Program", PennApic provides support and assistance to members with the purchase of observation hives placed in state parks, environmental centers, etc.


***Membership Assistance Program: We want Pennapic members to be active in other associations. This allows our association to come in contact with other active groups and hopefully spread our efforts. And it gives us an opportunity to speak to their group and in return, they may provide speakers for our programs. If a PBBA member wants to attend other agriculture, horticulture, environmental, or some other type of association, and is willing to represent our association, we will sponsor that individual with paid membership fees and dues.



***These benefits are by approval only. No expenditure or guarantees are to be assumed. Members should contact the President concerning these programs.



PennApic and the Pennsylvania Backyard Beekeepers Association is proud to be an independent association, guided by our bylaws, articles of incorporation, and the will of the members. While we are committed to working with other bee groups for the betterment of the bee industry, we do not require our members to join other bee associations as part of joining the PBBA. We are not affiliated or sponsored by any other bee association beyond normal working relations and cooperation.




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