PennApic Members' Page

Have a unique or particular question concerning bees? How about gardening, chickens, or something related to the products of the hive? Maybe mead making, soap making, candlemaking, or lip balms? These are the PennApic members willing to help out other members with individualized attention and replies. So ask away!  

Michael Luciano

Hometown: Morristown, Pa. (Bucks Co.)

Beekeeping Notes: Provides bee removals and relocation services.


Kenny Point

Hometown: Harrisburg, Pa. (Dauphin Co.)

Beekeeping Notes: Keeps Top Bar Hives.

Hobbies: Sustainable and Organic Gardening.

Website: Veggie Gardening Tips

Contact Information:


Mike Thomas

Hometown: Lewisberry, Pa. (York Co.)

Beekeeping Notes: Warre Hives, Top Bar Hives. Breeds Russian and Carnolian Bees. Nuc Producer. Keeps and sells mason bees/kits.

Educational Classes at Bjorn Apiaries.

Swarm renoval and extraction services.

Full list of services on the website.

Hobbies: Gardening, Youth Sports, Camping.

Website: Bjorn Apiaries