Mentors and Beginner Beekeeper Assistance

We strive to assist new members of the Pennsylvania Backyard Beekeepers Association as much as possible. Part of the benefits of membership in the PBBA is the support that we provide through such efforts as the mentors Program. Our newsletters, social programs designed for enjoyment and education, as well as being connected with other PBBA members, all go into the experiences that enable you to grow in your beekeeping experience.


We do not list PBBA members who want to be mentors. We ask that if you desire to have a mentor to assist in your personal growth in beekeeping, please forward as much as possible with your membership application. There is a place on the survey form to indicate if you would like assistance. 


We will try to match up your needs to the nearest and most qualified beekeeper for your particular style, and equipment options. So if you are trying out Top Bar Hives, Warre hives, queen rearing, or anything else, let it be known. We have all been there, catching that first swarm, not being able to find the queen, and what seems like a million other reasons to ask somebody for help. So please ask....we understand.


If we do not have any mentors on file in your area, we will send out a general message, while protecting your privacy, and see if any members have the time to get involved. Many beekeepers want to help. And many will help in particular situations as they surface.


We consider the PBBA mentors program a benefit of membership. Although many beekeepers no doubt have personal connections to the bee industry outside this association, we do not offer this to non-members. This is a program that we specifically ask our members to participate, based on all the benefits they themselves receive from the association.


Asking for assistance while deciding if beekeeping is right for you and your family is encouraged. Many PBBA members will spend ample time and effort showing their hives and answering questions to those thinking of starting in beekeeping. Once the decision is made to start beekeeping, we strongly encourage you to join the PBBA to further your knowledge and expertise. 


While we can not guarantee a mentor in all situations and for every beekeeper, keep in mind that you may be the one filling the void in the future.


Today's beginner beekeepers are tomorrow's mentors!

The PBBA...a place for all types of beekeepers, and all types of beekeeping styles!