Property Owners and Bee Sactuary Locations

Honey Bees are:

* Safe


* Beneficial to the environment.


* Invaluable to the wildlife and

   natural resources of the property.


* Looking for good stewarts of the

   environment. Can you help?

Pennsylvania Apiculture Inc., and members of the Pennsylvania Backyard Beekeepers Association are seeking property owners that will allow our members to place beehives on their property.

We need property owners that want to help the environment, understand the importance of honey bees, and can appreciate the benefit and value that can be gained by having beehives on their property.

Do you own property that fits these needs?

* A location free from chemical use?

* A location with open pastures and fields?

* A location with native plants and woodlands?

* A location accessible to maintain the hives?

While gentleman farms, organic farms, and unused pastures are ideal, we also need locations throughout the state in both urban and suburban settings. Bees provide a host of benefits regardless of where the hives are located. One acre or 100, we need you!


What we do not want:


* Commercial farming operations with traditional spray and chemical concerns.

* Individuals who think we will provide the service of commercial pollination for free.

* Areas that will be harmful to the honey bees, or the public.



If you think you can help out our nonprofit association and the honey bees, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will answer any questions, respect your requirements, and assist in helping you be part of this program. Thank you. Click here to contact PennApic.