"We ought to do good to others as simply as a horse runs, or a bee makes honey, or a vine bears grapes season after season without thinking of the grapes it has borne"

Marcus Aurelius - Roman Emperor AD 121-180

Pennsylvania Apiculture Inc.

PennApic members: Dedicated to helping each other, the public, and the environment.
Backyard beekeepers...learning from each other in fun, social functions.

What is PennApic?

(Besides being the fastest growing and most active bee association of its kind)


Pennsylvania Apiculture Inc., also known as PennApic, is a registered 501 c-5 (Agriculture/Horticulture) nonprofit corporation filed in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. We are a member based association. We also are registered with the Department of State on the charities database. (Click here

PennApic is the parent organization that oversees and facilitates both the Pennsylvania Backyard Beekeepers Association (PBBA) and the National Honey Bee Day program.

The board of directors for PennApic is comprised of up to 9 members. The board operates under the guidelines of the articles of incorporation and bylaws, both filed with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.


We are not your normal bee association. We do not meet once a month, sit around complaining of what should be happening, then go home, and return a month later to repeat the process over again, as seen with some bee groups. We hope to inspire and empower others.


Who Are Members?


PennApic membership is made up of beekeepers, nature loving and environmental minded individuals, along with sponsors and donors in support of our efforts. We encourage support from all corners of the community. We need public support, and you, to help the honey bees. 


The Mission Statement of Pennsylvania Apiculture Inc.

1) Promotion and advancement of beekeeping


2) Educate the public about honeybees and beekeeping

3) Make the public aware of environmental concerns as they effect honey bees



To accomplish this mission, we have two distinct programs:

1) The Pennsylvania Backyard Beekeepers Association. The PBBA is the heart of our program. Funding, our many outreach programs, and our continued dedication to the beekeeping community, could not exist without PBBA members and their continued support. By providing social activities and membership benefits, we have built a family within the bee industry that as a group, participates, supports, and achieves the primary goals of PennApic. Our commitment to public education can be seen by the learning centers program as well as our open apiary efforts. We also provide a free spring workshop and summer picnic, providing the public opportunities to learn more about the bee industry. 

2) The National Honey Bee Day program. This is a national program that has the same mission statement, and works for the betterment of the bee industry. By coordinating the efforts of associations and individual efforts all across the country, we can have a stronger voice be heard. Every year, a proclamation is issued by the Department of Agriculture in Washington DC., declaring the designated day as "National Honey Bee Day". Click here for the NHBD website.

Our philosophy is to build from the bottom up. Our members are committed to doing the public works necessary to impact individual lives, build upon the numbers of beekeepers, while educating the public to problems in the environment. By getting more individuals in beekeeping, the industry benefits in many ways.



We ask you to support our efforts which are highly visible and beneficial. The donors form can be accessed from the main page of this website. We are proud to offer programs and an association where 100% of donations and contributions go directly to the program you select. Whether it is helping the "Youth in Beekeeping" program and getting more kids involved with a part of nature, or help in providing literature and educational material for schools across the country for National Honey Bee Day, your support is greatly appreciated. And you need not wonder where your donations go. You can see our efforts, our programs, and our impact, on this very website. 


Please do not hesitate to contact PennApic with any questions. We are here to help, assist, and have you join in our efforts not just with honey bees, but the environment in general.


Thank you.