Previous Youth in Beekeeping Winners:

2011 - Micah Hoffman

2011 - Abigail Albright

2012 - Willoh Robbins

2013 - Nolan Snuffer

Youth in Beekeeping Program

Every spring, the Pennsylvania Backyard Beekeepers Association plans on awarding a beehive setup to the winner of the "Youth in Beekeeping" essay contest.


While we had a great fundraiser for this program at the summer picnic, we encourage those who want to contribute towards this program to do so through the PennApic Donors form. You can select the specific area or program on the form.


We would love to provide more than one hive each year based on the donations to this program. Getting more youth in beekeeping is well worth the investment.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please email the Youth in Beekeeping Coordinator, Alice Hertzler, by clicking here.

PennApic - Making A Difference!

As part of the PennApic Youth in Beekeeping program, and with our proactive education and outreach goals, we are very pleased to have awarded two hives to Harrisburg Covenant Christian Academy. Emily Durrell (PennApic member) will be building a pollinator program for the school. Installation of a pollinator garden is also underway with seeds donated by PennApic and membersof the Pa. Backyard Beekeepers Association.

Pa. Backyard Beekeepers Asscociation V.P. Luke Cline and Harrisburg Christian Academy representative Emily Durrell with the donated hives going to the school.

PennApic in the News

Click here for a story on the hives at the Harrisburg Covenent Christian Academy.

2011 winner Abigail Albright and her father picking up the "Youth in Beekeeping" hive.  

The 2012 "Youth in Beekeeping"

Essay Contest Winner:

Willoh Robbins

of East Earl, Pa.

2012 Youth in Beekeeping Essay winner Willoh Robbins with her parents and two younger sisters.

Willoh Robbins 2012 Essay

Bees are valuable. They pollinate the food we eat like apples, squash, and melons. Bees are also valuable because they produce honey, something man can not make, but everyone loves. Bees are also becoming more valuable because they don't thrive as much.


I would be interested in having a hive to give my local CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) that my family and I are members. When it starts, every week we can go get fruits and veggies homegrown at the CSA owners farm. These include peas, peppers, corn, tomatoe, watermelon, strawberries, cantalope, and much more.


I think putting bees there would help the CSA by providing honey and spreading pollen to make the food yummier and better. I also think putting bees there would show younger children in the CSA how cool honey bees are and maybe interest the children into beekeepng.


This will be our 3rd year at the CSA. Our CSA is unique because it is organic, so honey bees would be very welcome there to spread pollen to restore damage the bad bugs have done. My dad and I talked to the CSA owners and they would be very excited and enthusiastic to get bees. They have lots of shade where we could put the bees and water sources could be provided. Puting hives there would not only benefit the CSA owners but everyone in the CSA and neighboring homes with flowers.


I think getting bees would make me proud and benefit the whole CSA community by feeding them honey and giving them a wonderful experence.

2011 "Youth in Beekeeping" essay contest winner Micah Hoffman, with PennApic board members (L) Greg Peck, Tony Miscavige, Mike Thomas, and Micah's father Randy.

Need a handout for the contest,

click on the word doc below:


"Youth in Beekeeping" Program


* Essays must be submitted and received by mail no later than March 1,

* Participants must not be older than 17 years of age

* The essay is open to all subject matters concerning bees. But should include thier interests in bees, and

   any future plans in bees.

* The essay must be hand-written. Not longer than 500 words.

* You need not be present to win. Winner will be announced at the spring workshop.

* Entries must include name, age, parents name, address, phone number and email if applicable.

* Essays will be judged by the PennApic board of directors. Winners can not be a family member of any board


* ALL Essays submitted may be used in the PennApic newsletter or website.

Entries are to be mailed to: PennApic  P.O. Box 141 Lewisberry, Pa. 17339